When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, is she hungry? Should you feed her? What if it’s the third… or fourth… or sixth time she’s woken up that night- what then? In this blog, you’ll learn about 6 ways to tell whether your baby or toddler is truly hungry, and if not, how to respond to their calls.

5 Myths About Babies' Sleep (#fakenews)

Have you ever been told to just skip baby’s last nap, and then they’ll sleep great at night? Or just feed them rice cereal when they are 2 months old, and you’ll start getting better naps?

There are SO MANY myths about baby’s sleep and it is so common to hear this #fakenews from friends and family.

Read on to learn more about these sleep myths- I’ll debunk common myths, and give you straight truths from a certified sleep expert’s perspective.

Why Does My Baby Wake at 3am???

You’ve successfully taught your baby how to fall asleep at bedtime. But why is he still waking up in the middle of the night???!? Here’s why, and how to solve it so baby can get more rest at night.