Infant Packages

Are you exhausted? Are you up every hour to put your baby back to sleep?  Do you dread going out of the house because baby might have a meltdown? We can guarantee your baby is as tired as you are (and probably showing it by being cranky during the day!)  It's time to change this for the better!

Like all other skills, healthy sleep skills need to be taught.  If you're ready for a customized sleep plan that will teach your child independent sleep skills so he or she happily sleeps up to 12 hours at night (and take better daytime naps), then here's everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with us.

All packages listed below include the following:

  • A preliminary evaluation

    This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s current sleep habits and routines that you’ll complete prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)

  • A private, 60-90 minute consultation

    We will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night-wakings, or any other specific issues you might be encountering.

  • A detailed, fully customized and printable sleep plan and routine schedule 

    After the conclusion of our meeting, this will be prepared and emailed to you so you can start right away!

  • Four telephone support calls

    Four phone calls, typically lasting 15 minutes, can be scheduled following the consultation. We’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • Two weeks of unlimited e-mail support

    Two weeks of unlimited e-mail support if any questions arise. You will have my private e-mail address and I’ll respond to your emails within 1 business day.

  • Goodbye tips and tips for going forward 

    When our time together comes to an end, I will email you a goodbye letter with tips on how naps will adjust, naps out and about, dealing with illness, travel tips etc.


Phone Call


This two-week package includes everything listed above.

face to face.png

Face to Face Meeting


This two-week package includes everything listed above, except we will have an 90-120 minute initial consultation in person so you have a chance to receive more detailed answers to your questions. During this time, I will also complete a nursery evaluation to ensure you have the best sleep conditions possible for your child.

(This applies to local families only within 30 miles of Berlin, Maryland. If you are outside of this area, additional travel expenses may be incurred.)


Home Support


The first night is usually the toughest, because change for a child is difficult. I will join you prior to your child’s recommended bedtime and stay with you every step of the way until 11:00pm. This will take place in the comfort of your home and we will begin your journey to great sleep together. You will also receive a nursery evaluation and the other components of the two-week package described above.