“Hiring Megan has been the best thing that happened to my family. We have had multiple failed attempts at sleep training and we were desperate for sleep. Sophia has been co-sleeping up until a year old and once she stopped breastfeeding, we decided it was time to get her out of our bed. She put up a big fight in the beginning and I thought it was never going to work.

Sure enough through consistency and support Megan gave us everything we needed to get Sophia sleeping in her crib independently. Without having her support and check-ins we wouldn’t have been able to succeed. She kept us accountable through the whole thing.

We are now able to lay Sophia down in her crib and have her fall asleep independently which is a game changer. She typically is sleeping 10-11 hours a night and we are happy to have our sleep back. We are very satisfied with our decision to hire Megan and I believe it is it is worth every penny and more.