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I work with parents who love their children, just like you. The only problem is sometimes you see them too often, especially in the middle of the night when they just won’t sleep, or during naptime when they will only nap on you, or are constantly experiencing struggles at bedtime.

You know they need to get better sleep so they are happier and developing at the right pace, and you feel like you’re failing them when they aren’t get the sleep you know they need.

Maybe you might also secretly want a little personal time for yourself and a break from working so hard.

But you are hesitant to make any changes that won’t show any actual results, or you simply just don’t know where to start to see improvements in your child’s sleep. Or like many parents, you can’t bear the thought of letting your child “cry it out”.

Megan and Bee Wise Sleep Consulting have a proven method for developing customized, age-appropriate sleep plans that help establish independent sleep skills so your child can fall asleep quickly and easily at bedtime, sleep 11-12 hours straight overnight, plus take great naps during the day.

Not only will we help your child become a great sleeper, but we’ll also help you feel more rested so you can tackle whatever life throws at you.

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Does your child:

  • Wake up frequently in the middle of the night,

  • Take forever to fall asleep at bedtime or use endless stall tactics,

  • Cry inconsolably because he or she is overtired,

  • Consistently take short naps,

  • Or only fall asleep after being nursed, rocked, or bounced?

Do you:

  • Dread bedtime because you know you’ll see your child just a few hours later,

  • Have to ninja crawl out of your child’s room after you guess they have fallen asleep,

  • Constantly argue with your partner about the best method or feel resentful of him or her for getting more sleep than you,

  • Feel hopeless, like there’s no end in sight when your child will sleep well,

  • Or just feel exhausted and sleep deprived?

Do any of those sound like your situation? Many parents tell me they’ve tried everything they can think of to help their child fall asleep or stay asleep, and that they are just tired of being tired.

Imagine going from feeling exhausted and dreading nighttime to having the confidence to know your child (and you!) will fall asleep easily, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed every day.

  • Picture this: A couple days after starting our sleep plan, you wake up in the morning, and realize your child just slept through the night for the very first time. How would that make you feel? Overjoyed? Excited? Over the moon ecstatic?

  • How would you feel if you could just kiss your baby goodnight, turn out the lights, go downstairs, and turn on the monitor, just to see she’s already asleep?

  • What would you do if you had a couple hours of “you” time in the evenings?

  • Consider how badass of a mom or dad you would feel once you’ve been able to support your child through this journey to becoming a skilled sleeper.

  • Imagine how refreshed and rejuvenated you will feel once you are sleeping again at night, how productive you will be during the day at home or at work, and how much better your relationship with your partner will be once we see these sleep improvements.

  • Visualize how happy your baby will be once they are getting adequate sleep, and how these independent sleep skills will become essential coping skills they can use to overcome any difficult situation they encounter in the future.

  • Envision going out on a date night… and leaving a babysitter or a family member in charge… because you know your baby will sleep great and their night will be super simple.

These are actual results from real clients who once were in a similar place and now have a perfect little sleeper.

That’s where my customized sleep plan can quite honestly, change your life. I don’t say that lightly.

Together, we will identify the root of your sleep struggles, implement an easy to follow, step-by-step sleep plan to solve those challenges, and help your child become an amazing sleeper.

What’s Included?

  1. My private consultations include a sleep plan that ranges from two to six-plus weeks, depending on your child’s age and the level of support you need.

  2. These consultations can take place over the phone or I can even join you in the comfort of your home for half- or full-night support.

  3. You’ll receive a written sleep plan that navigates you every step of the way on how to establish a bedtime routine, introduce independent sleep skills, deal with nighttime wake-ups or early mornings, and how to handle naps.

  4. But it doesn’t end there. During the entire process, you’ll receive my full attention and support through multiple phone calls, unlimited emails, and video feedback to ensure you see the success we both know is possible.

Life Changing Benefits

  • The very first, most important result is that you will see an amazing transformation with your baby’s sleep, and he or she will become a wonderful little sleeper.

  • That leads to you feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy your bedtime routine, knowing both your child and you will have a restful evening.

  • Your whole family will go from being sleep deprived to being fully rested, where you and your child will have more energy, be in a better mood, and wake up prepared to face the day.

  • As a parent, you’ll feel relieved, empowered, and proud that you have helped your child learn these essential sleep skills.

  • Plus, you’ll have time in the evenings and during naps to enjoy your personal time, to cook and eat a hot meal, treat yourself to some self care, watch TV, scroll through Facebook, enjoy quality time to reconnect with your partner, or do whatever you want!

Why work with me?

The #1, most important, reason you should absolutely consider working with me is that you WILL see a life changing transformation in your child’s sleep habits when you follow my sleep plan.

Many parents I talk to have tried it all- all types of sleep sacks, vibrating swings, fancy mobiles, singing stuffed animals, weighted blankets, straight up bribing their child- and more often than not, those things just simply

Here’s the thing: my program works.

In fact, I have a 100% success rate of helping babies sleep through the night and improve daytime naps, with every single family who has followed my plan.

The reason you can feel confident about seeing success with me and my program is because I am a sleep expert and have the experience to know what works, and how to get you to that point. You don’t have to feel confused by the conflicting advice that exists out there.

Not only will you have a solid sleep plan in your hands from our very first consultation, but you’ll receive crazy awesome follow up support the whole way, through phone calls, unlimited emails, and video feedback, to ensure that we can troubleshoot any hiccups along the way.

All of this means your family will go from feeling frustrated with your current sleep situation (terrible naps, short stretches of nighttime sleep, and really early morning wake-ups, for example) to getting a full nights’ sleep, waking up feeling energized and refreshed, and feeling like an awesome parent for helping your child navigate through their sleep challenges.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call

You know that you can’t continue like this. Something’s got to give.

Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute discovery call with me right now so we can review your child’s unique sleep challenges and discuss the best options for your family.

We can start as soon as possible, and then “sleeping like a baby” no longer has to be a dream.

Plans & Pricing

Let’s find a plan that fits your family’s needs. Click the button below.

Private Sleep Consultations

Like all other skills, healthy sleep skills need to be taught.  If you're ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that is customized to your family’s need, we will help you teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day). Here's everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with us.

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Newborns: Prenatal-3 months

Congratulations! If your little one is younger than 3 months, or if you are expecting a new baby and want to get off to a great sleep start, then you deserve a double high five – both for the birth of your new baby, and for the wise decision to teach your baby healthy sleep habits right from the beginning of his or her life.



Babies in this age range often haven’t learned the sleep skills necessary to fall asleep and stay asleep without your help. This plan shows you how to teach your baby those skills so that he or she can start sleeping through the night, which helps them (and you!) get some much-needed sleep so you can go from feeling exhausted to becoming refreshed.



If your child is a toddler or older, the typical sleep challenges might be a little more complicated than an infant’s.  They are testing boundaries, having more freedom if they are in a big kid bed, dropping naps, and possibly dealing with common fears such as being afraid of the dark.  It is not too late to help your child learn new independent sleep habits.

Other Sleep Services


Double (or triple?) the fun, double the love, and double the sleep challenges!  It still is possible to get a good night sleep, even with two or more bundles of joy!  Yes, it is possible to get your twins, or your infant AND toddler AND preschooler taking better daytime naps, going to sleep at a similar bedtime, and just sleeping longer in general. We can talk more about these options in our no-obligation, free initial consult.

Family packages can include the following:

  • Twins or multiples

  • Older and younger siblings


Bee Wise can also accommodate group seminars in addition to private consultations. Are you a member of any of the following or similar? If so, let’s talk- click the blue button to schedule a call with me and discuss options!

  • Mom’s Groups

  • Childcare Facility

  • Preschools

  • Pediatric Offices

  • Baby and Maternity Stores